Saturday 28 July 2018

About Today Readings

Jeremiah 7:1-11. Psalm 83(84):3-6, 8, 11. Matthew 13:24-30.

How lovely is your dwelling-place, Lord, mighty God!—Psalm 83(84):3-6, 8, 11.

‘Listen to the word of the Lord.’

In our own gardens we pull out the weeds. But the wisdom of Jesus is not our wisdom. He knows full well there is light and shadow in our souls and our hearts are a divided kingdom.

To help build God’s kingdom we are called to encourage the good in our lives, to nourish virtue in the hope it will outgrow evil and in time overshadow it. Jesus is patient, so let us be patient also and trust him to help us.

If we turn to him and heed all he shows us in prayer, then perhaps the harvest will be good and the weeds of little account.

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