Saturday 30 December 2023

About Today Readings

1 John 2:12–17. Let heaven and earth exult in joy! – Psalm 95(96):7–10. Luke 2:36–40.

Children, you already know the father

This is the season of and for children. We have just celebrated Christmas, when the Christ-child was born again in our lives. Some say our great feast is mainly for children. But this reading is for adults, except for this line: ‘I have written to you, children, because you already know the father.’ Perhaps we have an opportunity to learn from children, who are already blessed. They have something that adults lack. Often, they trust and accept rather than doubt or tut-tut sceptically. Often, they know that God exists, while we get swamped in busy-ness and can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’. If we could only look at the world with the awe and wonder of a child, we might experience God-with-us. That is what the prophet Anna was able to do in today’s Gospel. She saw him and praised God.

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