Saturday 6 April 2024

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Easter Saturday

Acts 4:13-21. I praise you, Lord, for you have answered me – Psalm 117(118):1, 14-21. Mark 16:9-15.

Jesus shows himself to us

Sometimes Easter comes around and it’s a little hard to get excited. Maybe we let Lent slip by so that Easter doesn’t ‘pack a punch’ so much. Maybe, amid all that’s going on in life there doesn’t seem a connection to the day’s seemingly distant meaning. Maybe we just take the Resurrection for granted.

Today, as the Easter Week ends, though the season continues, there is an invitation to recall and savour the graces of Easter. To savour God’s love for us, for me. To get beyond those maybes that keep us from experiencing the impact of the Resurrection in our lives. In today’s Gospel Jesus keeps revealing himself to people, to Mary of Magdala, to the two on the road, to the eleven. He keeps turning up. Jesus turns up and shows himself to us, meeting us in our experience. Where have I found Jesus in this Easter week?

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