Saturday 6 January 2018

About Today Readings

St John Ribera.

1 John 5:5-13. Psalm 147:12-15, 19-20. Mark 1:7-11. Luke 3:23-38.

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem—Psalm 147:12-15, 19-20.

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem.

This psalm and many others are songs of triumph and joy, written to be sung in their fullness. ‘It is good to sing in honour of our God.’ Our God is appealing to us to be joyful. We know we are blessed. We know we are liberated. God is our creator, and a friend at all times.

Whenever I pray in the company of Christian people of denominations different from my own, I am aware of the way they praise God so beautifully. Their prayer is very much like today’s psalm, praising God for blessing us, for protecting us, for giving us food and shelter. Lord, I am ever grateful to you for your love and blessing. Help me to sing a hymn of praise to you as I express my thanks.

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