Sunday 13 September 2020

About Today Readings

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ecclesiasticus 27:30 – 28:7. The Lord is kind and merciful; slow to anger and rich in compassion – Psalm 102(103):1-4, 9-12. Romans 14:7-9. Matthew 18:21-35.

‘Forgive your neighbour the hurt he does you; and when you pray, your sins will be forgiven’

I couldn’t help but identify with the Big Little Lies character Madeline Martha Mackenzie when she says ‘I love my grudges. I tend to them like little pets’. Grudges can sometimes be comforting things to carry around. The constant nurturing of our own hurts absolves us from acknowledging the hurt of others. Yet, how far this attitude is from the theme of today’s readings.

‘Resentment and anger, these are foul things and both are found with the sinner’ we are told in the first reading. ‘It is the Lord who forgives our guilt, who heals our ills, who redeems our life from the grave and who crowns us with love and compassion’, says the Psalm, while Jesus tells us we must forgive ‘seventy-seven’ times. Instead of nursing our grudges, let us pray for the courage to forgive, for it is in forgiving that we are forgiven.  Again, from Ecclesiasticus, ‘If a man nurses anger against another, can he then demand compassion from the Lord?’

I pray Lord for compassion so I am worthy of your gifts of forgiveness and compassion.

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