Sunday 15 May 2022

About Today Readings

5th Sunday of Easter

Acts 14:21-27. I will praise your name for ever, my king and my God – Psalm 144(145):8-13. Apocalypse 21:1-5. John 13:31-35.

You also must love one another

In the Jewish tradition there are 613 commandments in the Law of Moses. Although many Jewish people saw Jesus as the new Moses, he didn’t proclaim more rules for his contemporary world. In fact, he reduced and summarised them into key ideas: ‘Do to others…’, ‘Love God’, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, ‘love one another.’ However, what seems most simple is actually as tough as they get. Loving as God loves us might mean being vulnerable as our neighbour is vulnerable. It might mean standing up for those experiencing injustice. It might mean being patient and merciful with others’ shortcomings. It might mean leaving our comfort zones and getting our hands dirty. It might mean dying in one way or another. But we don’t do it on our own: a loving community of Christian disciples both nourishes and witnesses.

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