Sunday 16 July 2023

About Today Readings

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 55:10-11. The seed that falls on good ground will yield a fruitful harvest – Psalm 64(65):10-14. Romans 8:18-23. Matthew 13:1-23.

Cultivate goodness and goodness will come our way

From the beginning till now, the entire creation, as we know, has been groaning in one great act of giving birth (Romans 8:22).

Somehow the readings today, talks to us about being co-creators with God. It’s up to us to cultivate the good soil. God is generous to us. Every part of our lives is being sown with the seeds of God. How do we practise cultivation? It can take great effort on our part to cultivate, we may extra resources and machinery to cultivate more. God does not leave us alone in the cultivation. The entire creation is involved in the one great act of giving birth. The saying ‘reap what you sow’ reminds us to cultivate goodness, and indeed goodness will come our way.

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