Sunday 16 June 2019

About Today Readings

Proverbs 8:22-31. Psalm 8:4-9. Romans 5:1-5. John 16:12-15.
O Lord, our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth! – Psalm 8:4-9.
‘Everything the Father has is mine.’

It is a sign of special friendship to introduce someone into one’s family, to share with someone the most intimate familial things – the love and communication that exists among the members. So too with God.

God has revealed to us the inmost reality of the divine nature, the family of the divine Persons. But we are not merely spectators of this life, for God has made us sharers in the love and communication which flow among the Three.

In the Trinity, we encounter a community of love. We enter the divine flow, or what Richard Rohr calls ‘the divine dance’. Our God invites us to participate in the general dance occurring at all times and all places. We are encouraged to listen to the music at the heart of all reality and step in line with the beat. Hear the Lord’s call: ‘take my hand.’

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