Sunday 16 October 2022

About Today Readings

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Exodus 17:8-13. Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth – Psalm 120(121). 2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:2. Luke 18:1-8.

Faith never gives up

I knew a priest who wrote more than 50 letters to his superior because he wanted to be a missionary. The superior did not think he was suitable but eventually acquiesced. I knew a woman who stood outside a hotel where asylum seekers were detained in poor conditions. She was there every Friday without fail for several years. I knew a politician who waited four and a half hours in a corridor because she needed to say one sentence to the Prime Minister. I knew a father who went to no end of pain and expense to regularly visit his son who was held unjustly in a prison overseas. We have all met people like this. They remind me of the woman in today’s Gospel who keeps pestering the judge day and night. Jesus uses her as an example of all those who cry out for justice. Faith never gives up. It is patient but sure.

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