Sunday 18 April 2021

About Today Readings

3rd Sunday of Easter

Acts 3:13-15, 17-19. Lord, let your face shine on us – Psalm 4:2, 4, 7, 9. 1 John 2:1-5. Luke 24:35-48.

‘You are witnesses of these things’

As we continue the great celebration of Easter we read of Jesus’ return to the disciples and the revelation of his mission for those who love him. The mystery of resurrection can only be understood from a faith perspective. Although historians of that time recorded the event, believing in this great miracle requires deep contemplation and prayer. Jesus died on the cross and in the tomb was made whole again. His divinity is proven and his message to the disciples is simple, ‘You are witnesses of these things. I am sending you as my father promised, clothed with power from on high’. This proclamation and commission are true as we read these words today. We are witnesses and believe in his resurrection. We have been sent and ‘clothed’ by God with all we need to bring forth the Kingdom. Today let us live according to these words.

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