Sunday 20 September 2020

About Today Readings

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 55:6-9. The Lord is near to all who call him – Psalm 144(145):2-3, 8-9, 17-18. Philippians 1:20-24, 27. Matthew 20:1-16.

Why be envious because I am generous?

Many may find the parable of the vineyard disconcerting. It describes a joyless world of work, where people are hired for the whole day as well as only one hour and paid equally. There is not much joy in their work, which in turn causes anger and tension.

Why did Jesus tell this story? What point was he trying to make? This parable bears a striking similarity to the parable of the Prodigal Son. They both tell of the unexpected generosity of the father to his wayward son, and the equal generosity of the landowner to those who worked only one hour. For us to be called to work in the Father’s Vineyard is a privilege.

Jesus reassures us that no matter how ‘late’ we arrive, there is work for us all to do and, in turn, be justly rewarded.

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