Sunday 21 August 2022

About Today Readings

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 66:18-21. Go out to all the world and tell the Good News – Psalm 116(117). Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13. Luke 13:22-30.

The last shall be first and the first last

The narrow door is an illustration of Christian life we encountered in the daily reading a month ago. However, this reading offers us a further challenge that we must reconcile with our Lord as he announces, ‘I do not know you’. What does this mean? How could Jesus reject us? The answer is of course he cannot and will not, but his words are evocative and powerful. As we enter into the day examine your week and identify any moments where you have not accepted or offered love as our God does. That is the weakness Jesus is illustrating. When in the last week did you go through the motions spiritually? That is what he is calling out. If you make improvements in these areas you will be rewarded by being the last who is first rather than the first who is last. Love and service has a cost but the reward is infinite and eternal.

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