Sunday 23 July 2017

About Today Readings

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Week IV Psalter.
Wisdom 12:13, 16-19. Psalm 85(86):5-6, 9-10, 15-16. Romans 8:26-27. Matthew 13:24-43.

Lord, you are good and forgiving — Psalm 85(86):5-6, 9-10, 15-16.

‘Lord, you are good and forgiving.’

The master in the parable of the weeds tells his workers to leave the weeds among the wheat until harvest time. He is not prepared to harm the wheat by having the weeds uprooted. The loving nature of God is also emphasised in the reading from Wisdom – our God is a God of strength and forbearance, who cares for all people and judges with mildness.

In St Paul’s letter to the Romans we are told of a Spirit that hears us in our weakness and intercedes with sighs too deep for words. Can we surrender to the sigh of the Spirit?

Do we extend this Spirit of compassion to people around us, especially to those we might regard as being more weed than wheat?

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