Sunday 25 November 2018

About Today Readings

Week II Psalter. Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of The Universe.
Daniel 7:13-14. Psalm 92(93):1-2, 5. Apocalypse 1:5-8. John 18:33-37.

The Lord is king; he is robed in majesty – Psalm 92(93):1-2, 5.

‘I was gazing into the visions of the night, when I saw, coming on the clouds of heaven, as it were a son of man.’

It is easy to forget the greatness of God who is not just our beginning and end but the beginning and end of everything. The human mind cannot cope with such scale. Yet this man who defies understanding, who the very rivers ‘lift up’, from whom all things come and to whom all things must go, stood before mortality and allowed himself to be tried because his mission on earth was to bear witness to the truth.

On this feast of Christ the King let us renew our commitment to the task of continuing this mission.

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