Sunday 27 August 2023

About Today Readings

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 22:19-23. Lord, your love is eternal; do not forsake the work of your hands – Psalm 137(138):1-3, 6, 8. Romans 11:33-36. Matthew 16:13-20.

God is always reaching to draw us into the divine life

In the readings from Isaiah and Matthew, particular people are designated as being keepers of the keys, the ones who have control over who comes and goes. This role is God-given and yet when given to humans it is open to conflict. An astounding example is the Holy Sepulchre church in Jerusalem, one of our oldest and most sacred shrines, where the Christians cannot be trusted so the keys are held by a Muslim family and have been for many generations. In all our frailty God still reaches out to us all the time to draw us into the divine life. Paul’s beautiful hymn about the wisdom of God always opens a deep place in my heart. We cannot understand the mind of God, all we can do is know that all existence comes from God and therefore we are born to give glory to God forever.

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