Sunday 29 October 2017

About Today Readings

Psalter Week II. 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Exodus 22:20-26. Psalm 17(18):2-4, 47, 51. 1 Thessalonians 1:5-10. Matthew 22:34-40.

I love you, Lord, my strength — Psalm 17(18):2-4, 47, 51.

‘Do you love me?’.

Love is a strange word in English. We use it for so many things; clothes, food, entertainment, holidays. When Jesus asked Peter those three times ‘Do you love me?’ he used different words for platonic, filial or a ‘willingness to die for me’ kind of love.

The two great commandments call us to look closely at how we live here on earth: to honour our Creator and live among our fellows with a common goal.

To love our neighbour is to treat all as a loved brother or sister; this means our familiar neighbours, the marginalised, refugees, and any stranger in our midst. Lord, grant me the kind of self-love which is healthy and good, so I, in turn, may truly love others.

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