Sunday 7 May 2023

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They elected seven men full of the Holy Spirit

The first reading from Acts tells of the Greek-speaking widows who complained that they were being neglected in the distribution of food. In these days of financial stress there are many seeking food from food banks, the Vinnies, and elsewhere. The apostles couldn’t help the Greek widows because they were busy with the ministry of the Word, so they elected the first quasi St Vincent de Paul group of seven men with the specific task of looking after the distribution of food to the poor and the widows. The names of those chosen are all Greek, which suggests a cosmopolitan Jerusalem church in that first century. Being Greek they would make sure that the Greek-speaking widows, who could not speak Hebrew or Aramaic, would not be overlooked in the distribution. It was truly Widow’s Day in the early church, and possibly Mother’s Day all together.

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