Sunday 7 October 2018

About Today Readings

Week III Psalter. 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Genesis 2:18-24. Psalm 127(128). Hebrews 2:9-11. Mark 10:2-16.

May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives – Psalm 127(128).

‘God made them male and female … and the two shall become one flesh.’

This is an extraordinary statement. It reveals that human beings are in themselves incomplete, that it is within the context of loving relationships that we truly become one.

This call to love and unity becomes visible within marriage. A married couple’s love for each other is a beacon to all precisely because the constancy, faithfulness and passion of their love provides the world with a window onto God’s love. This is a total commitment to each other – ’for better or worse’. It is a compelling, living witness that we have a God we can always turn to with confidence for healing and joy.


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