Sunday 9 April 2017

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Palm Sunday.

‘Look, your king comes to you; he is humble, he rides on a donkey and on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden.’ Matthew 21:5. 

Today is the day. The die is cast. Two forces are heading towards an inevitable conflagration. On the one hand there is the great city of Jerusalem under the power of Rome and the power of the high priests. On the other hand there is a prophet from Galilee, acclaimed by the people as Messiah and Son of God, riding a donkey. What will he do next? He goes directly to the Temple and casts out the money-changers. He berates the chief priests and scribes in authority for being hypocrites. Six times he calls them hypocrites. Then he dismisses them as serpents and a brood of vipers.

Which side am I on now? I want to be with the fearless prophet who chooses to ride a donkey and who speaks the truth. Unmistakably, he comes in the name of the Lord. I am with those who cry out Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!, but my heart is in my mouth. I fear this will not end well. I fear I will be on the losing side. What then? But I do choose to be with you Jesus. My die is cast too. I will try to stay close to you in this momentous Holy Week.

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