Sunday 9 June 2019

About Today Readings

Acts 2:1‑11. Psalm 103(104):1, 24, 29-31, 34. Romans 8:8-17. John 14:15-16, 23-26.
Lord, send out your Spirit and renew the face of the earth – Psalm 103(104):1, 24, 29-31, 34.
‘They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.’

At Pentecost, and throughout the year, God renews us with his love poured into our hearts. On the first Pentecost the disciples had an experience of the action of the Holy Spirit – but it was not only for that day. It would continue all the days of their lives, just as it does for us. The experience of Pentecost was a community experience for the early disciples and so too it is for us.

Let us think about some of our experiences of community: family, parish, workplace, sporting club, prayer group, volunteering, friendship circle. When we do this thinking prayerfully let us become aware of how some of our communal experiences are Pentecost moments. Notice where we are uplifted and consoled. Let us bring these ‘graced moments’ to our God, giving thanks for the Spirit hovering over the communities which form us and help us really come alive.

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