Thursday 1 February 2024

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Thursday 1 February 2024

1 Kings 2:1–4, 10–12. Lord, you are exalted over all – 1 Chronicles 29:10–12. Mark 6:7–13.

God rewards those who remain faithful

God has authority over everything and everyone, yet he promised King David that his line would stay on the throne if his sons stayed faithful. God rewards those who remain faithful with their whole heart and their whole soul, as he rewarded David by ensuring Solomon ascended to his thrown upon his death. Later, God’s own Son was of David’s line. God’s love and favour are earned. Jesus shared his incredible healing abilities with the Twelve, but they were not permitted to travel in comfort as they preached repentance. Sometimes, being a Christian is hard work, but during those times we can rest assured that God keeps his promises and rewards those he deems worthy. We may not be able to call on God in the way David could, or speak to Jesus as the twelve disciples did, but we can spend time with him in prayer and reflect on his Word in the scriptures.

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