Thursday 10 August 2023

About Today Readings

St Laurence

2 Corinthians 9:6-10. Happy the merciful who give to those in need – Psalm 111(112):1-2, 5-9. John 12:24-26.

Service provides a rich harvest

The joy of service is in these readings today – what gives us authentic joy and life when we do what we can for the other. Purposeful work, reaping what we sow. I once received a card from a senior student on his completion of secondary school. One of his comments was, ‘. . . you were right Miss, you get out of life what you put in’. What a great learning for him, and all of our young people and wider community. There is such generous reward for our spirits when we offer ourselves, our service to the other – doing good quietly. There are benefits for mental health, connections with others, the reflection of love in simple gratitude. May we find moments in our busy lives to flourish, be purposeful and sow seeds with the conditions to promote a rich harvest.

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