Thursday 10 May 2018

About Today Readings

Acts 18:1-8. Psalm 97(98):1-4. John 16:16-20.

The Lord has revealed to the nations his saving power—Psalm 97(98):1-4.

The Lord has revealed to the nations his saving power …

Again and again under the Old Covenant God is shown to be a saving God. This word implies a relationship with a people who constantly move away from faith, are defeated by enemies, then saved by those whom God sends to shepherd his people Israel. Those experiences between God and Israel are the relentless rhythm of desertion, salvation, faithful love, then a new falling away …

When Jesus came to live and die with us, his identity with us could not have been more complete. Our faith journey in our present age can feel lonely. It is just what Jesus experienced. ‘In a little while, you will see me no more, and then, in a little while you will see me.’ Let us pray for and encourage one another in this present ‘little while’.

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