Thursday 11 April 2024

About Today Readings

St Stanislaus. Acts 5:27-33. The Lord hears the cry of the poor – Psalm 33(34):2, 9, 17-20. John 3:31-36.

Spirit and courage of faith

Bearing witness to faith in God threads through these readings: John the Baptist to his disciples, Peter and other apostles facing judgment in the Sanhedrin. They make similar statements that God is above humanity, that trust and faith in God and in God’s son Jesus supersedes fear and repercussions. Mary took this on too – her courageous Yes was to God, in full knowledge of the consequences of her actions. Joseph got the message from God to support Mary. God’s call wasn’t denied, it was embraced. Was it clearer back then, to hear God? To have such faith in God so as to stand up to the authorities of the day who struggled to understand that Jesus had fulfilled prophecy? Our community yearns for that clarity and conviction today, the capacity to recognise the work of the holy spirit in our lives. John and Peter both know the spirit, God’s vehicle for just and loving change.

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