Thursday 11 January 2024

About Today Readings

1 Samuel 4:1–11. Save us, Lord, in your mercy – Psalm 43(44):10–11, 14–15, 24–25. Mark 1:40–45.

Are you willing?

Scripture reveals Jesus expresses the same emotions that all humans feel: frustration, joy, sadness (John 11:35). In this reading we see Jesus indignant toward the man with leprosy. It had been a busy week for The Son of God, who had been healing many people, and perhaps he was annoyed or simply exhausted by the need with which he was confronted. We don’t know how long Jesus was indignant; it may have been a split second before he responded, ‘I am willing’. Perhaps Mark was simply expressing that this need for healing was overwhelming, even for Jesus. What about you? How do you respond when you are repeatedly asked for help? When we look at the needs in the world today, we too may feel overwhelmed. Are you willing?

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