Thursday 13 June 2024

About Today Readings

St Anthony of Padua

1 Kings 18:41-46. It is right to praise you in Zion, O God – Psalm 64(65):10-13. Matthew 5:20-26.

Reconcile your grievances today

Be reconciled with your brother or sister. The call of the King in today’s Gospel is a challenge to all who hear it. Jesus calls to our divine nature; our soul. Move beyond the human nature and our pride. We have all been hurt by others but we cannot be true to our relationship with God if we are not reconciled with those who have hurt us. When we harbour resentment or anger, we not only damage ourself but we undermine any attempt made to reconcile and be redeemed or offer redemption. If your ‘enemies’ seek to pull you down and accuse you, forgive them. Your reward will be saved up, your conscience free and your heart joy-filled. Reconcile your grievances today, do not wait for tomorrow.

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