Thursday 14 March 2024

About Today Readings

Exodus 32:7-14. Lord, remember us for the love you bear your people – Psalm 105(106):19-23. John 5:31-47.

Knowing Jesus helps us to know God

Jesus is the testimony, or self-revelation of God. God made flesh, incarnate in our world and in our lives. Jesus shows us more concretely the characteristics of God – God’s compassion, forgiveness, kindness, tenderness. Knowing Jesus helps us to know God. Jesus reminds us that the works he does are evidence of God at work as well. Faith can be a challenge, and Jesus reminds us to observe, and to believe in what we see and hear. And what is it that we see and hear? We hear the word of God, not only in Scripture but also in the kind words of a friend or stranger. We see love in action whenever someone takes the time to listen to us, to sit with us in our tears, to make us a cup of tea. May we in turn be witnesses of God’s love in our words and deeds.

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