Thursday 14 September 2023

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Triumph of the Cross

Numbers 21:4-9. Do not forget the works of the Lord! – Psalm 77(78):1-2, 34-38. Philippians 2:6-11. John 3:13-17.

He humbled himself by accepting death on a cross

Today’s readings carry powerful messages about the way to relate to our Creator God. The Israelites, notwithstanding God’s response to their prayer for help to escape Egypt, turned against God and Moses. God reacted sending fiery serpents among them.

God listened to Moses, told him to make a fiery serpent mounted on a standard and promised that anyone bitten who looked at it would live – a sign of the power of the cross in that era. Paul told the Philippians that the cross of Jesus was an expression of his total humility to the Father. Jesus told Nicodemus that the Son of Man must be lifted up in the same way as Moses lifted up the serpent.

Dying on the cross was a triumph, both for Jesus and us. Lord, may we never forget this.

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