Thursday 15 March 2018

About Today Readings

Exodus 32:7-14. Psalm 105(106):19-23. John 5:31-47.

Lord, remember us for the love you bear your people—Psalm 105(106):19-23. 

The Father who sent me bears witness to me himself.

John’s Gospel has Jesus challenging the religious leaders. They have failed to acknowledge his claim to be from God. Jesus reminds them of John the Baptist’s testimony supporting Jesus’ claim. However, Jesus does not rely on human testimony alone to support his sending from God.

There is a connection between today’s passages from Exodus and John. Exodus has God angry with the Israelites, the chosen people. They have deserted him by worshipping false gods. Moses acts as mediator. God responds by granting a reprieve.

Jesus is sent by God as a mediating redeemer. People have moved away from God. Jesus tells the religious leaders that it is the Father who bears witness to him. But, he says, his words find no home in them because they do not believe in the one God has sent.

Lord, we pray for the grace to always believe in Jesus as one sent by God.

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