Thursday 16 February 2017

Thu 16th. Genesis 9:1-13. From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth—Ps 101(102):16-21, 29, 22-23. Mark 8:27-33.


Love conquers death.

God’s promise of life and protection came through various moments in our collective history; His covenant with Noah is our example here. Through Noah God promised humanity that death would not be brought upon us. As Christians who believe that Christ died and then rose from the dead as a new creation, we find the fulfilment of all previous covenants. Our communities bear witness to our rebirth in Christ. We live out the resurrection as fact and express it in our love for God and each other. Christ is God’s new sign, the rainbow, who shows that life has been given and will not be taken away. In Christ, life is fully lived, on earth and in God, and the two are not at odds. In Christ, this new event, the promises of previous times are fulfilled as a living testimony of the power of love to defeat death forever.

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