Thursday 16 February 2023

About Today Readings

Genesis 9:1-13. From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth – Psalm 101(102):16-21, 29, 22-23. Mark 8:27-33.

Salvation is for all

Today might be a reminder of how we might lose sight of the plans of God in our life. God’s ways are not our ways. Jesus rebukes Peter for losing sight of God’s plan. Am I able to let go of my own fears and reluctance to take on God’s plan? How do I discover God’s plan for my life? The answer might be found in the words of Genesis. ‘Never again will life be destroyed’. Salvation is for all. The words of God are spirit and life. God’s word is eternal life. Genesis speaks of a covenant. A covenant is an agreement. Today, ask God to remind you of how you have been led in trust throughout your life.

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