Thursday 2 August 2018

About Today Readings

St Peter Faber.

Jeremiah 18:1–6. Psalm 145(146):2–6. Matthew 13:47–53.

Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob—Psalm 145(146):2–6.

‘Like clay in the potter’s hand, so you are in mine, House of Israel.’

Fishing nets scoop up everything as they are drawn through the water. The net doesn’t discriminate between the good and the bad. Jesus’ life is filled with stories of him fishing for all sorts of people – the woman caught in adultery, the tax collector Zacchaeus and the Pharisee Nicodemus.

He called his first followers to be ‘fishers of humanity’ and sent them out to cast their own nets. We are called to exactly the same task. There are opportunities everywhere: family, friends, and neighbours in need.

In this way we share our experience of the love and mercy of God in our life.


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