Thursday 2 November 2017

About Today Readings

All The Faithful Departed.

Job 19:1, 23-27 (alt). Psalm 26(27):1, 4, 7-9, 13-14. Matthew 11:25-30

The Lord is my light and my salvation — Psalm 26(27):1, 4, 7-9, 13-14.

‘When the Lord saw her, he had compassion for her’

The woman of Nain is surrounded by townspeople, but she is without family. Her security, her husband and now her son, is gone, her future shattered. She is alone and defenceless in a society where women rely entirely upon their menfolk. Jesus (identified as the Lord) feels an intense sadness and pity for the woman. His deep compassion motivates his decision to end her suffering.

When I choose not to feel and shut myself off from another person’s pain then I lose an opportunity to grow and share. Loneliness, misery and poverty prevail. Deep compassion, the visceral gut feeling, even pain we feel for another, draws from this example of Jesus’ compassion for the woman at Nain.

It is a love whose source begins in God. Lord, give us compassionate hearts to be a source of strength for others and to create opportunities for joy and healing.

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