Thursday 21 June 2018

About Today Readings

St Aloysius Gonzaga.

Sirach 48:1-14. Psalm 96(97):1-7. Matthew 6:7-15.

Let the just rejoice in the Lord—Psalm 96(97):1-7.

 ‘Blessed are those who will see you, and those who have fallen asleep in love; for we too shall certainly have life.’

Jesus, your prayer encapsulates our relationship with God. This relationship is a reflection of your own experience of your Father, an experience that was not based on a remote transcendental God or a God who patronises and controls his creatures.

This prayer is a two-way invitation. It gives us the recipe to invite our loving Father into the details of our daily lives, to satisfy our ordinary physical, psychological or moral needs.

But it also extends an invitation to become involved in the loving, caring, totally trusting relationship with our Father and the challenge of establishing his and your kingdom.

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