Thursday 22 December 2022

About Today Readings

1 Samuel 1:24-28. My heart rejoices in the Lord, my Saviour – 1 Samuel 2:1, 4-8. Luke 1:46-56.

Mary models magnificent courage

Mary’s Magnificat prayer has become a powerful anthem for justice. I once heard a Jesuit share a story about wearing in school a T-shirt with phrases from the prayer on it: ‘Cast down the mighty, lift up the lowly, feed the hungry, send the rich away’. The Jesuit said they were asked by the school’s authorities to change out of the T-shirt as it was considered inflammatory.

Mary, as the first disciple of Jesus, knows that her Son’s coming will shake the world. There will be many who won’t like what he has to say, many who will be made uncomfortable by it. But with courage she follows God anyway. May we all be inspired by Mary’s courage.

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