Thursday 23 March 2023

About Today Readings

St Turibius de Mongrovejo

Exodus 32:7-14. Lord, remember us for the love you bear your people – Psalm 105(106):19-23. John 5:31-47.

The Father who sent me bears witness to me.

Magda: Jesus, you do carry on about witness! Why is it so important to you?

Jesus: I was speaking on behalf of God, Magda, and it was vital that God my Father should endorse me. Miracles, healings, feedings and the joy people found in them were all God’s witness, not my cleverness or power.

Magda: OK, Jesus, that was then. But what has it got to do with me today?

Jesus: Well, Magda, many people think that I was just an exceptional human being, not God’s Son and the way to the Father. They look only for human witness.

Magda: Thanks, Jesus. I pray to you and see your way of living as God’s way. Is that enough? Shouldn’t I be a witness to you?

Jesus: You are a witness, Magda, by my presence in you. People whom you meet will be drawn to me by your faith and generosity of spirit, and so to God my Father.

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