Thursday 23 May 2024

About Today Readings

James 5:1-6. Happy the poor in spirit; the kingdom of heaven is theirs – Psalm 48(49):14-20. Mark 9:41-50

We pray for the ability to make good choices

Today’s reading is the definition of a ‘fire and brimstone’ sermon. If we sin, Jesus says, better that we cut off the hand that sins than enter into the eternal fires of hell with two good hands.

I have young children, and I’ve been (with help from my teacher wife) grappling with different ways to talk about behaviour with them. I’ve been conditioned to think in terms of being a ‘good person’ or a ‘bad person’. My wife, I think correctly, prefers to talk to our kids about making ‘good choices’ and ‘bad choices’. It’s not that they are, inherently, good or bad. The person they are will emerge through their choices, not because of some internal aspect of their character.

None of us are destined for heaven, nor doomed to hell. It’s our choices that will define us. We pray for the wisdom and courage to make the good choices in our lives.

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