Thursday 24 January 2019

About Today Readings

St Francis De Sales.
Hebrews 7:25 – 8:6. Psalm 39(40):7-10, 17. Mark 3:7-12.

Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will – Psalm 39(40):7-10, 17.

‘He warned them strongly not to make him known.’

Moved by his growing reputation, people came from far and wide to hear Jesus preach by the lakeside and to seek healing for their physical and spiritual ailments.

Jesus was the source and foundation of their hope, just as he is for us now. This hope is both a virtue and a sustaining gift. It affirms the ultimate goal of eternal life with God and identifies a way of travelling towards it.

As we endeavour to learn and to do God’s will, Jesus is companion and guide for our path.

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