Thursday 25 November 2021

About Today Readings

St Catherine of Alexandria

Daniel 6:12-28. Give glory and eternal praise to him! – Daniel 3:68-74. Luke 21:20-28.

What of ourselves requires transformation

We know that the world, even as it is charged with God’s loving creativity, is woefully beset by darkness and, indeed, evil. When Jesus proclaims the coming of the Son of Man, the fullness of life that is the fulfilment of creation, we should expect disruption. How could it be otherwise given how much requires transformation?

In prayer we are invited to contemplate what of ourselves requires transformation. Jesus’ words can act like shock-therapy, awakening us to the ways in which we need to grow and change so that we can fully welcome the Son of Man. We are invited to recognise the ways in which we need to allow our hearts to be opened to the God who wants our redemption.

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