Thursday 29 June 2017

About Today Readings

Ss Peter & Paul.
Acts 12:1-11. Psalms 33(34):2-9. 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18. Matthew 16:13-19.

The Lord has set me free from all my fears — Psalms 33(34):2-9. 2

‘Who do you say that I am?’

Peter’s reported response to this question reflects the mature faith he came to only after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Like Paul, with whom he is appropriately associated in today’s feast, he fearlessly proclaimed that faith in word and work in the early church. Both experienced imprisonment at the hand of their enemies and deliverance at the hand of the Lord.

If we wish to be authentic disciples of Jesus, as they assuredly were, we cannot avoid the question, ‘Who do you say I am?’ It is addressed to us today and every day, as is Jesus’ other recorded question to Peter, ‘Do you love me?’

Lord, help me to know and love you better day by day. Only thus may I truly know myself.

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