Thursday 30 March 2017

About Today Readings

Thu 30th. St John Climacus. Ex 32:7-14; Jn 5:31-47.

‘You refuse to come to me to for life.’John 5:40

This story about Jesus healing on the sabbath continues. After the elite accuse him of blasphemy, Jesus launches into a tirade against them that runs for 28 long verses: ‘you do not believe in the one that God has sent … you have no love of God in you … you refuse to come to me for life.’ The elite are stuck in their own world, compromised by their own authority, unable to see the life and freedom that Jesus has just given the chronically sick man. Lord Jesus, I see myself as part of an elite, struggling to dare to walk with the life and freedom you offer me. I know I cannot cope with the dying of my beloved. Let me put aside my authority. At the end of the day I really know nothing. I come to you for life.

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