Thursday 8 November 2018

About Today Readings

Philippians 3:3-8. Psalm 104(105):2-7. Luke 15:1-10.

Let hearts rejoice who search for the Lord – Psalm 104(105):2-7.

‘Because of the supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, I count everything else as loss.’

After Peter’s confession and its confirmation in the Transfiguration episode (9:28-36), the Lukan narrative takes a sharp turn with the commencement of ‘The Journey to Jerusalem’ (9:51). From here on, Jesus is instructing his disciples in ‘Kingdom behaviour’. One could call it ‘disciple training’.

Chapter 15 marks a special section on relationships and preferential options for the lost and overlooked. Two familiar instances of the joy that comes with recovering lost property lead into the story of the lost son. The two opening verses set the scene as the so-called ‘good people’ take exception to mixing with ‘undesirables’. The kingdom mystery is that God welcomes everyone and often gets a better reception from so-called no-hopers.

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