Thursday 9 February 2023

About Today Readings

Genesis 2:18-25. Happy are those who fear the Lord – Psalm 127(128):1-5. Mark 7:24-30.

The science of love

In today’s delicate tale from the Book of Genesis, we succumb to a lovely vision of peace and harmony close to the dawn of time. Stupid arguments over the literalness of Genesis are old hat; the author(s) of this primal work, and its original audience, knew it was a symbolic representation not of science but the science of love. God senses Adam’s forlornness and ponders affectionately that man should not be alone. In an amusing stroke of authorship, God brings forth animated life of the four-footed kind – pets, one might say. Adam names them but finds no satisfactory companion among them – of course not; they lack soul and reason, the dignity that mirrors God. When the right relationship is finally formed, Adam and his wife are ‘naked, but were not ashamed’. People sometimes lament that Woman was created as an afterthought – but didn’t Jesus, too, save the very best wine for last?

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