Thursday 9 February

Thu 9th. Genesis 2:18-25. Happy are those who fear the Lord—Ps 127(128):1-5. Mark 7:24-30.


‘Go home happy: the devil has left your daughter.’

A woman, a gentile, comes begging for Jesus to help her daughter. Jesus tests her: ‘It isn’t right to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.’ Undaunted, she answers that even the dogs get to eat the children’s leftovers. Jesus tells her to go home, where she will find her daughter healed.

There are times when we are so focused on the tasks, demands, responsibilities or burdens of our lives that we don’t see anything else. Other people, things and we ourselves are neglected for that one focus. Jesus asks this woman to change focus, just for a short time. Her daughter will be fine.

Maybe we can ask Jesus to open our eyes, to ensure that we are not too focused on any one thing and to help us with living more balanced lives.

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