Thursday 9 September 2021

About Today Readings

St Peter Claver

Colossians 3:12-17. Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! – Psalm 150:1-6. Luke 6:27-38.

An environment of peace

It is a common thing to see traits of family throughout our cousins and extended family. One can pick the mannerisms, a look or a certain style that speaks to the family tree. Well, we are the people of God. No small thing. The almighty One chose us to be just that. How can we tell? We take after our Father; in kindness, in compassion, in humility, in gentleness and in patience. Those related to us through the Father, notice our tolerance and our ability to forgive, but most of all they notice the way we love each other in an environment of peace. Dearest Jesus, strongest link in the family chain, keep us close and strengthen our resolve to follow the Father. Amen.

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