Tuesday 1 October 2019

About Today Readings

St Teresa of the Child Jesus

Zechariah 8:20-23. Psalm 86(87). Luke 9:51-56.

God is with us – Psalm 86(87)

‘He turned his face towards Jerusalem’

The late Marie Colvin was a war correspondent, legendary for her courage and selflessness. In 2012 she was again the voice of helpless people. This time it was Baba Amr, a neighbourhood under siege in the city of Homs in Syria. Marie described a baby dying on the operating table after being hit by shrapnel, reporting on CNN because it would be seen by the State Department and White House. She could counter the Syrian regime’s claim that they were just going after terrorists. They were shelling a city full of cold, starving civilians. She knew the signal could be tracked and it was. Artillery targeted the media building. A shell hit Marie and a friend as they ran to shelter. Only death could silence her.

Jesus, you went to Jerusalem, knowing that your enemies had targeted you. Give courage to those who follow your example.

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