Tuesday 10 October 2023

About Today Readings

Jonah 3:1-10. If you, O Lord, laid bare our guilt, who could endure it? – Psalm 129(130):1-4, 7-8. Luke 10:38-42.

Focus on the present

Presence, being present in the moment, not multi-tasking. Recently a colleague was undertaking some neuroscience study and discovered that multi-tasking is a fallacy – yes, we can move from one action/decision to another quickly, but not actually do two things at the same time. The other revelation in her study was that the cognitive load on doing many things, making many decisions in short spaces of times, can be harmful to self and others. How many times do we let our brain wander while talking with a person in front of us, not being fully present to the dignity of the person, or the task that requires our full attention only getting intermittent portions? The King of Nineveh got his focus on repentance and that of his whole community – they all did the same thing together and were saved, forgiven by God. Mary focused on Jesus, no distraction, prioritising his presence over the distractions of hospitality. Jesus teaches us about presence, the authentic dialogue of listening and sharing life with each other, without distractions. Maybe our cognitive loads will be lightened if we are more like Mary and less like Martha?

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