Tuesday 10 September 2019

About Today Readings

Colossians 2:6-15. Psalm 144(145):1-2, 8-11. Luke 6:12-19.
The Lord is compassionate to all his creatures – Psalm 144(145):1-2, 8-11
‘He has brought you to life with him.’

Just as a well-built house is constructed on a firm foundation, every aspect of our lives must be built on the bedrock of Christ and his teachings. In today’s readings, we are reminded of the strength and power we receive through our faith in Christ. Jesus healed even the sickest and most tormented of the crowds who flocked to witness his miracles. With our faith rooted in Christ, we can stand strong during difficult times and face temptations with strength.

But even when we come up short, when we fail and fall, Jesus is there to restore our faith again and make us new in him.

Jesus, I am weak. I stumble. I fall. I am human. Please keep me near to your heart. Help protect me from straying from your path. Heal me as you healed those who needed you most.

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