Tuesday 12 February 2019

About Today Readings

Genesis 1:20 – 2:4. Psalm 8:4-9. Mark 7:1-13.

O Lord, our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth! – Psalm 8:4-9.

‘This people honours me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.’

In today’s gospel, we are reminded that a fastidious following of many rules can disguise the true meaning of what life is all about. The Pharisees offered an example of this. The rules and regulations passed on by their ancestors were a hindrance to their love of God.

They were obsessed with ritual cleanliness, with ‘purifying themselves’, when what God wanted was for people to place their heart’s trust in the Lord. Jesus even states that they ‘nullify the word of God in favour of tradition.’ Thus, we can see that we must not make idols of traditions; it is the word of God that we must first reverence.

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