Tuesday 15 September 2020

About Today Readings

Our Lady of Sorrows

1 Corinthians 12:12-14, 27-31. We are his people: the sheep of his flock – Psalm 99(100). Luke 7:11-17.

Our Lady watches over us

‘At the Cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to her Son to the last’, begins the Stabat Mater hymn.

Today we place ourselves in the shoes of Mary, Mother of Jesus, as she keeps sorrowful vigil over her dying son. We also keep in our minds and hearts all mothers who keep a vigil over their children from the time they’re vulnerable infants, through their childhood and adolescence, to their time in the world.

As we encounter people today, and throughout this week, let us consider them not just as shopkeepers, police officers, doctors, friends, but as children who a mother has raised and nurtured as a gift to the world.

In doing so, let us also be grateful for how each person is loved and cherished and watched over by Our Lady.

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